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Financial Risk and Compliance Training and Certification in assoc with FCF
Advance courses: reach the pinnacle

Our Advanced Courses are tough.

They look at a single subject from multiple perspectives.

They are unashamedly intellectual and demanding. They will challenge you to challenge orthodoxies.

Most importantly, they will encourage you to question everything you think you know on a particular subject.

Advanced courses could be books. In fact, our first two advanced courses are converted from books.

Advanced courses are designed for

- compliance officers and directors

- academic study

- judges, prosecutors and investigators

- criminal intelligence officers including FIU and anti-terrorist and anti-organised crime teams.
- policy makers, members of supra-national bodies and legislators

- anyone with an interest in policy matters.

As of 1 November, 2021, the following advanced courses are available:

Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime

Suspicion is the single central point of all counter-money laundering systems.

It is also the least understood.

Details and purchase here


Cleaning up the 'net

An action plan to combat the use and abuse of the internet for financial crime.

Details and purchase here




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