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Financial Risk and Compliance Training and Certification in assoc with FCF
Financial Crime Risk and Compliance case studies

Some people call them "methodologies." We prefer to keep things simple so we call them case studies.

Our case studies are mostly taken from case reports worldwide not media releases or press reports.

Authorities, not stories.

We would be remiss if we didn't admit that we have some short notes that are taken from the media releases of e.g. the USA's FBI and the UK's Serious Fraud Office and National Crime Agency. The reason we are forced into this position is that there is, often, no judgment. This happens in cases where deals are done, often under, for example, a deferred prosecution agreement.

Some of those cases are very important.

We do have a large study, mostly drawn from media reports over several decades, of a number of interlinking cases involving the drugs trade in Miami, Florida, and the connected laundering.

But those are the exceptions: almost all of our cases are back-to-the-judgment analysis of what happened, how it happened and what the result was.

Case Studies is for browsing: readers can dip into it as they choose and are not required to follow from beginning to end. There is no examination but, when all pages have been read, a certificate of completion is available and CPD points, where recognised, can be claimed.

Readers have full, unrestricted, access for 12 months including any and all updates and additions.

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Case Studies - Criminal Cases is here


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