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Financial Risk and Compliance Training and Certification in assoc with FCF

20220610 Financial Crime Risk and Compliance: now in association with The Financial Crime Forum.

As the world returns to face to face seminars and conferences, we are delighted to announce our association with The Financial Crime Forum.

And it's not just a banner exchange: there are real, material benefits for our customers.

There is only one Financial Crime Forum but there are many pretenders.

As part of the commitment to the highest quality information, education and training, we now offer a dedicated e-learning package, worth more than U1,000 as part of the ticket price for delegates to the Financial Crime Forum, combining its interactive and dynamic events with extensive e-learning. The combination leaves financial crime executives with comprehensive knowledge and, importantly, understanding of their subject.

The package is by invitation only, that is to say that only delegates to The Financial Crime Forum can access the package. There are no additional charges.

Added to the Credits earned for attending all sessions of the Forum, the package provides sufficient Credits for delegates to earn the Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance and to use the designation cFCRC.


The ONLY website for The Financial Crime Forum is at . No other website is authorised to promote any event using the term "Financial Crime Forum."

e-mail from any domain other than is from an imposter. We recommend you have no dealings with such a person. We cannot be responsible for any adverse consequences you may have as a result of dealing with those who seek to capitalise on a brand we have built since 1998.

The Financial Crime Forum is part of the Financial Crime Risk and Compliance ecosystem.


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