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Financial Risk and Compliance Training and Certification in assoc with FCF
lots of books and a doorway

We read and assess and analyse and condense and explain vast amounts of material so you are prepared every time you walk through a door.

Essentials is a collection of courses for compliance officers, managers, directors and owners of any and all businesses that are subject to financial crime laws and that means all businesses.

Each course provides in-depth understanding on a specific subject area, for example "corporate vehicles, trusts and other structures."

The list of Essentials courses is growing with new releases about every three months.

Each course is part of the Learning Ladder series. See here for details of credits, cpd and certificates.

Courses typically take approx 6 hours to complete, including the examination at the end.

You get 12 months' unrestricted access including any and all updates during your subscription period.



The following Essentials courses are available as at 1 November 2021:

Non-fungible tokens

Value Added Tax, GST and Fraud including Missing Trader and Carousel Fraud.

The financial crime risks of offshore financial services, private banking and family offices.

The financial crime risks of corporate vehicles, trusts and other structures (a three part course)

The financial crime risks of legal services providers, including money laundering

The financial crime risks of correspondent banking, value transfer systems and remittances

More than trade based, more than money laundering (TBML is a misnomer)

Deutsche Bank ats New York Department of Financial Services: the resulting expansion of compliance risks.

The Essentials Collection is here: here




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