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Financial Crime Risk and Compliance training in house see you at your place

Breaking News February 2022: As countries begin to open their borders and relax restrictions, we can now begin to offer in-house, face to face, seminars and training.

We are now reasonably confident that travel will be possible, without quarantine, soon.

This makes it feasible for us to arrange short in-house courses to be delivered face-to-face.

We do not feel confident of producing seminars or courses that are open to the industry at large.

We will take account of local standard operating procedures and we have our own set. The most stringent will apply.

For this reason, we think it best that even in-house events are held in large rooms with adequate spacing. Even for small numbers we feel that, at present, meetings around conference tables should be avoided.

This is, of course, as much for your safety as it is for ours and so we hope you will understand.

For the time being, in-house courses are presented only by Nigel Morris-Cotterill. We expect to add other speakers as circumstances permit.

Next Step

Fill in the enquiry form and, in the notes, specify the courses you are interested in and your proposed dates. We'll get back to you.

Available courses

Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime. (In House only)

Financial Crime Risks to Lawyers and those that deal with them (in house only).

Building an effective financial crime risk matrix before you buy RegTech


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