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Financial Risk and Compliance Training and Certification in assoc with FCF
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Do you still keep your financial crime policies and procedures separate from your training?

Now you can add your financial crime policies and procedures manuals to our platform, providing a uniform reference, education and testing service.

Policies and procedures manuals are complicated. This isn't because anyone wants them to be but it is an inevitable result of the fact that they are based in regulatory material which, all too often, has little or no direct relevance to how your business operates.

You can't rely on templates. Your manuals must be custom made for your company and, even, for divisions within your company. Even worse, if you follow the Recommendations of various bodies, and the strict wording of regulations, you must refine that even further so as to apply to individual types of activity within divisions.

So your manuals are unique, complicated and targetted.

Yet, they are also a reference source. Well written, easily accessible, manuals are a valuable source of answers to everyday questions, and designed to go much further than a superficial FAQ.

After all, if that was good enough, the manual for all non-compliance staff would consist of one sentence: "if you think something suspicious is happening, tell a compliance officer."

That is clearly not enough.

Manuals have to be easy to access, comprehensive, easy to understand and easy to apply. If they aren't, then staff won't use them - they will just send questions to compliance which increases the burden on compliance or, worse, they will guess and, perhaps, get it wrong.

It is highly desirable that you can prove that staff have read and understood your manuals.

That's where we come in: using exactly the same interface as your staff are used to from their financial crime risk and compliance training, they can have unrestricted access to your manuals during your contract with us.

What we do

- We take your manuals - in word processor, html or plain text format and convert them into a course.
- In addition, graphics and images should be supplied separately with clear instructions as to their position for insertion.
- We make removals, additions, substitutions and amendments as you require.
- The course is private and only those invited by your training admin can be signed up.

What we don't do

We do not

- review your content from a financial crime risk and compliance perspective
- proof read your content for errors in vocabulary, spelling or grammar
- format your course: you are responsible for e.g. highlighting, etc.
- design your layout: you are responsible for e.g. indents and page breaks.

What it costs

- We assess the work involved and charge you a flat fee for production of the course.
- We charge an annual fee that relates to the estimated number of users.
- We charge a fee for page removals, additions, substitutions and amendments as you require. This is paid for by way of a support package.

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