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Financial Risk and Compliance Training and Certification in assoc with FCF

20211101 Hello World - again

Good morning.

It's 1 November 2021 and the clock has just ticked over into this new day - and with it the new version of this website.

The old one is a radical departure from the previous version but not entirely new to us.

The old one was frumpy and frankly ugly. Its design cues were based on - and not very far removed - from the designs we developed for our sites years ago.

In recent months we have been updating our sites and today it's the turn of this one. We're using the latest version of the Drupal CMS system because the old site was based on a version that has become obsolescent.

We've new mastheads, new layouts and new content and we are integrating it much more closely with our other services.

We're happy with it and we hope you like it.

But we are not effusive: after all, it's just a website. The stuff we are really proud of is the training and education material that we produce. So please browse around and look at that!


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