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Financial Risk and Compliance Training and Certification in assoc with FCF
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Packages help your team study in groups
so they climb the Learning Ladder together
and achieve simultaneous certification.

Packages are suitable for group study: you can all be in one room or chat via your preferred meetings or chat software or app. In this way, the group can train together, apart. Distance is no object. It's group education for an anti-social distancing world and, when we don't have to do that any more, it's group education however you want it.

Packages are selected courses that we bundle. Users have full access to their bundle for a year but no further users can be added to a package once its sales period has expired. Courses within a bundle cannot be swapped for courses not within that bundle but courses can be added at additional cost.

Each course within a package attracts its own certificate.

Each package provides those that complete it with the full number of credits required for the Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance and the use of the designation cFCRC during the currency of their certificate.

There is a discount for packages compared to the price of purchasing them individually. You will need a minimum number of five users to qualify for the group discount.

Packages may be purchased by individuals.

For a brochure for the current package, please click on the link in the footer.


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